Monday, June 26, 2017

Trying Out Acrylic

Last summer, I tried out using acrylic paints. Naturally, I'm just now writing about it! I follow a lot of artists on Instagram and that's what got me thinking about trying out acrylic. I decided to go with an abstract as my first piece just to help get a feel for the medium and to have less pressure for it to look perfect. I tend to gravitate to warm, happy colors. I went with oranges and pinks. My mom loved it and I let her take it home with her.

It looks great in her craft room!
I decided to recreate it for myself. It was a bit more challenging because this time I felt like I had more pressure to get it right. I was a bit more critical, but I am still very pleased with the result.

Two years ago, I did a watercolor painting for my dad of a starry night sky. I decided to try doing it using acrylic. This one was tricky with getting the purple to cooperate, but it eventually got to a place that I was happy with. I really like seeing the brushstrokes in the blue parts of the sky.

Here's the original watercolor I did.
The next one I did was of a hillside covered with flowers. Again, I struggled with getting the colors in the flowers the way I wanted, but I kept with it. I love seeing the brush strokes in the sky because it gives the feeling of a fresh spring wind blowing through.

This final one, was a rough one. I ended up ruining it and starting all over again. That's how some of the best lessons are learned though! As I was showing it to Jonathan, he said it looked like a planet that was eclipsing it's sun. I want him to create a rendering of my new planet some time!

Since these paintings, I haven't done much with acrylics. I really enjoyed it and need to break out my paints again soon!

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